Example Checklist - hosting a webinar

This is an example checklist for hosting a webinar

1. Define the purpose of hosting the webinar

You should never host a webinar just for the sake of hosting a webinar.

1.1. Identify the content of the webinar

What is your webinar going to be about? Is this something that customers have shown interest in?

1.2. Define the goal of the webinar

What do you hope to achieve by hosting the webinar?

1.3. Define your customer base

Who are you going to send this to? Is there a specific customer segment?

2. Promote it

Now that you have planned on doing a webinar and you have a topic and a goal in mind, you need to promote it so that everybody knows about it!

2.1. Create a landing page

2.2. Create a blog post

Create a blog post in WordPress

2.3. Tweet it

Use the company twitter account to make an announcement

2.4. Promote on LinkedIn

Only promote the webinar on applicable linkedin groups

2.5. Post to Facebook

Post it to Facebook several days in a row and right before the webinar.

2.6. Send email to targeted customer segment

Send an email via HubSpot so that you can target the right audience.


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