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Transferring your client's processes to ScreenSteps: The first 30 days for Business Process Outsourcers

This article is for Business Process Outsourcers (BPO's) or Change Management Consultants who need to document a client's procedures in ScreenSteps for use by a group outside of the client (i.e. employees of the BPO).

The goal is:

  1. Have the ScreenSteps account configured correctly with the proper domain and login procedures
  2. Have a complete list of all content that will need to be created
  3. Have a clear strategy for using that content to meet business goals
  4. Begin or complete the process of creating the initial content

Account setup (1-2 days)

These are the basics that will need to be in place before you can launch your training/support site to the BPO employees.

These steps do not need to be completed before you start content creation. You can have one group work on site configuration while another groups works on content creation.

See here for details about using a custom domain with ScreenSteps.

This will usually depend on what user management system the BPO is using. The important information to find out here is whether or not your user management system supports SAML. Please get in touch with our support team if you need help.

You can see our guides on customizing your site here.

Create a content planĀ (1 week)

At this stage you want to list all of the jobs that the BPO will be performing for the client. Here are some tips for documenting these jobs or scenarios. Write down the following:

  • What is the trigger event that starts the process? (e.g. phone call, email, a specific question, a canceled credit card, etc.)
  • What is the desired outcome for each event?
  • If you were to assign this task to a brand new person, what questions would they ask in order to successfully complete it?

Use this spreadsheet to easily capture the scenarios that need to be documented and make a plan about how to document them.

Determine training/support strategy (2-3 days)

Some questions to ask here are:

  • Will contextual help be used?
  • How will content be incorporated into instructor led training?
  • How will content be used when interacting with a customer or client?

We recommend allowing agents to use the ScreenSteps content during instructor led training. This will help them be comfortable using the ScreenSteps resources when they are on the production floor.

Create a style guide (2-3 days)

A style guide is just a simple set of rules for how you will document your call scripts or procedures. You want to define a few things:

  • Where will you define the trigger event so that the agent knows they are using the correct guide?
  • How will you format what they are supposed to say?
  • How will you format what they are supposed to do?
  • When will you use standard articles and when will you use checklists?

Begin content creation for first 15 most frequent requests (1-2 weeks)

The goal at the end of this stage is to have the top 15 most frequent requests documented and ready for the BPO employees to use successfully.

Begin by documenting the top 3 requests

By preparing and testing the top requests first you will make sure of the following:

  • You don't have any faulty assumptions
  • Your style guide is effective

Test your first 3 requests

To test your top 3 requests, create the articles that guide the employee through those scenarios. Then find someone unfamiliar with the scenarios and ask them to follow the guides successfully. If they were unsuccessful, identify the areas where they got stuck and iterate on your content.

Go back and document the next 12 requests

You will learn a lot by testing. After the tests are complete you should be able to complete the next 12 articles much more quickly and with more confidence in their effectiveness.

Moving forward

In the weeks that follow, continue to add more scenarios to your knowledge base as necessary.

You are done. Great job!


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